1XBet Affiliate Program

Partnering up with reputable companies is a profitable business of millions of publishers all over the world. The leading international bookmaker 1XBet offers the affiliate program for all the willing ones who are ready to promote the betting services of this company on the Internet. The Russian bookie has been demonstrating its positive online performance for more than 14 years. The bookmaker hit the market long ago. Now, it is one of the most top-ranking betting service providers in the world arena.

The 1XBet website is available in 60 languages, so bettors from any country can wager and get real money for their activities. It is not surprising that the trusted bookmaker runs its affiliate program internationally. Users from India can opt for the profitable partnership, having become a publisher in the social networks, in the blogs, forums, etc. The 1XBet affiliate program is easy to take part in. It requires registration to get the membership.

1XBet Affiliate Program

How 1XBet Affiliate Program Works?

The members of the affiliate program should pass a far from a complicated procedure of registration. 1XBet welcomes new members to promote its service throughout the world and raise the popularity of the bookmaker’s website. One more reason why the top bookie engages partners is new capabilities for:

  • cooperation with well-known brands;
  • attracting new bettors;
  • investments;
  • increasing the functionality of the betting platform.

How 1XBet Affiliate Program Works in India

If you are from India and interested in the 1XBet affiliate program, go to the special-purpose website 1xbetaffiliates and fill in the online form of a new member. Note that you can become a partner even if you do not have your own website. Indians can earn money for promotions on the Internet via any site and platform. Attracting new bettors for 1XBet can bring to the affiliates up to 25% of raised revenue or revenues up to 40% for each invited new user.

The mechanism of the partnership with the top-ranking bookmaker is well-understandable. After registration at 1xBet, a member of the affiliate program gets access to the list of available tasks to complete. The 1XBet partner can feel free to earn money in different ways:

  1. Advertise the bookie on your his/her own website.
  2. Promote the bookmaker on the forums (Quora, Reddit, etc.).
  3. Advertise 1XBet on social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). 
  4. Promote the bookie in the blogs (guest posting, etc.).
  5. Share ads in the newsletters, messengers, etc.

Each willing affiliate can find the most optimal method to earn money with the help of this partnership. When the task is done, the bookmaker will check and confirm the result. The commissions for attracted 1XBet users are paid every week. 

Benefits for 1XBet Partners

It is worth mentioning that regular and generous payouts for advertising activities are not the only reason to join the affiliate program. All the 1XBet partners can count on additional goodies that are available only for those Indians who obtain the membership.

Benefits for 1XBet Partners

Bonus for Affiliates Description
Monetization of the trafficThe bookie tracks all the traffic on your website or other Internet channel and provides real-time monetization.
Automatic paymentsIndian affiliates can count on any convenient 1xBet payment methods to get their rewards for affiliate activities. Additionally, all the payouts are done automatically without delays.
Lifetime commissionsEach invited player brings to the 1XBet partner a lifetime commission that will not come to an end according to the partnership terms and conditions.
Unique promotionsAffiliates can use some special promo codes and other special offers for their own needs (betting) or share them with their audience and attract more traffic.
Access to promotional materialsEach member of the 1XBet affiliate program has an account with a plethora of promotional materials (coupons, promo codes, banners, etc.).
24/7 supportPartners can count on round-the-clock support if some challenging situation takes place.

Together with the above-mentioned benefits, Indians get the opportunity to enjoy commissions on all the accessible products provided by the 1XBet website. The bookmaker also guarantees high conversion rates on registration into cash-in with the help of the product.

How to Start?

It is necessary to prepare all your personal information, including payment details (bank card, e-wallet number), your website address if you have one, Skype. Go to the 1XBet affiliate program website to fill in the online form for the registration of a new member. Be attentive when specifying all the information. That’s all! Complete the signup procedure and start to earn money.


There are no restrictions on your citizenship or location. As the bookmaker is an international one, every willing user of legal age can become the 1XBet partner. The main requirements to the potential member are:

  • Be at least 18 years old (of legal age).
  • Have a contact mobile telephone number.
  • Provide actual payment details (the number of the bank or e-wallet account).

How to Start Affiliate program 1xbet in India

Optionally, the applicant should specify his/her website. This way, managers will be able to find out about the site which will be used for traffic generation. According to the terms and conditions of the 1XBet partner program, there is a range of restrictions to take into consideration:

Copying of the website landing pageThe design of the website, application, and other digital elements of the 1XBet bookmaker is its intellectual property. No one can copy these objects.
Using promotional materials without the consentAffiliates are not allowed to use on their websites and for publishing activities throughout other channel promo material with branding elements and the 1XBet logo without the bookie’s consent.
Duplicate groups and publicsSpeaking about the ads on the social media networks, 1XBet partners should not create clone groups and publics that promote the bookmaker’s services on behalf of the brand.
Duplicate the website and 1xBet appThe creation of clone websites and apps is restricted. Members of this affiliate program cannot duplicate bookmaker’s digital products for their commission purposes.

1XBet Partner Registration

To become a member of the affiliate program, an Indian user should open the 1xbetaffiliates website first. Explore the landing page to get more information about the bookie and its offers for partners. At the top panel of the website, there is the command button for language selection. Choose Hindi for more comfortable navigation.

Then, find the button Register Now. Having entered the green-colored icon, the potential 1XBet affiliate will be redirected to the online form located on the 1xpartners registration page. Follow several steps to complete the registration:

  1. Open the affiliate program website.
  2. Select the language of your interest.
  3. Read the terms and conditions, explore the website.
  4. Click the Register Now button.
  5. Open the online form for partners (you will be redirected automatically).
  6. Specify all the required personal information (Username, password, name, surname, telephone, location, website address, payout method).
  7. Accept the terms and conditions of the website together with the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the online form.
  8. Click the Sign-Up button.

How to 1xbet Partner Registration

Note that this is only the application form to join the 1XBet affiliate program. All the data should be checked by the moderators. Usually, it takes up to 48 hours. Then, the email letter will be sent to the applicant. With the help of the unique identification link, the partner’s account will be activated.

Where to Get Promo Material and Referral Link

The promotional materials, together with the unique referral link, will be presented in the affiliate’s personal account. To log in, you need to enter your username and password. If the user has forgotten the password, it can be reset with the help of:

The navigation in the partner’s account is rather easy. The 1XBet affiliate will see the section with the available promo materials and his/her unique referral link to share.

Payment Methods for Affiliate Partners

For Indian users, there are about 60 payout methods to choose from. Among the most popular ones are transactions through bank transfers or e-wallets. The most optimal way to get commissions every week is specified by the affiliate program applicant during the registration procedure. Indians can select one of the suitable payout options from the list:

  • Bank transfer (Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, and other banking structures are available. The debit/credit card should be VISA, MAESTRO, or MasterCard);
  • Player account (the commission will be credited once a week to your betting account);
  • E-wallets (Neteller, SKRILL, WebMoney).

Payment Methods for Affiliate Partners 1xbet India

Summary: Pros and Cons

The 1XBet affiliate program is a good way to earn extra money for the generated traffic and invited new bettors. The bookmaker offers various payout options, easy navigation in the partner’s account, and regular commissions credited every week. Most of the Indian users note that being a publisher of such a reputable bookie is a very profitable deal. Among the main pros & cons of the affiliate program are:

+ Available worldwide
+ Regular commissions (rewards up to 25% for attracted bettors)
+ Fast registration
+ 60 languages and many payout options to choose from
+ Various advertising campaigns (promotions on the website, on the forums, blogs, social media, through other channels)
+24/7 support for 1XBet affiliates
– 48 hours to wait for the application to be moderated
– Commissions are credited once a week
– Strict terms and conditions


Do I have to pay for membership in the affiliates?

Membership in the affiliate program of the well-known international bookmaker is absolutely free. You can increase your chances to get more income with the help of paid services. Among them are promotional materials like well-designed coupons, promo code ads, postbacks, and banners to use on the Internet.

How much can I earn as a 1XBet partner?

It depends on the volume of your advertising activities and the generated traffic that is monetized. According to the terms and conditions of the 1XBet affiliate program, commissions for attracted bettors can be up to 25%-40%. The rewards are paid every week automatically. The more active you are with advertisements and promotions, the more money you earn.

Can I become an affiliate if I don’t have my own website?

Yes, you can. The website is not the only channel where you can place promotions for raising 1XBet popularity. The members of this affiliate program can earn good money for their recommendations of the bookie on social media networks, blogs, forums, etc. Additionally, it is possible to use ads in newsletters and messengers. These activities and raised traffic can be monetized by the 1XBet affiliate program as well.

Can I promote 1XBet on more than one of my sites?

The bookmaker, as the program sponsor, does not limit affiliates in their opportunities. But the registration process requires only one website to specify in the signup form. If you have several accounts, it is better to contact customer support and discuss it with the operator. Optionally, you can create one more account for this purpose. Note that the name, surname, payment details, and telephone number should not be the same.

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