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Sports wagering and gambling addiction are interconnected. The threat of ludomania lies in the belief in positive game outcomes. A player can immerse in the gameplay, forgetting about the excitement and compulsion. That is why sometimes gambling can even ruin someone’s life.

This article explores ways to prevent a dangerous mental state, the causes of betting dependence, and ways to recognize addiction. 

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What is Gambling Addiction?  

Ludomania is a pathological dependence on gambling that leads to harmful consequences such as financial and moral downfall and social alienation.

Therapists attribute such addiction to non-chemical addictions. In 2018, the WHO added ludomania to the ICD-11 – recognized ailments list.

Causes of Compulsive Gaming

Why do casino games become entertainment for some, but for others, they grow into a disease? Consistent with various studies, the reasons for ludomania are:

Addiction Symptoms

Compulsive gambling also badly influences gambler’s friends and relatives. Though such cases are hard to cope with, responding accordingly when the addicted needs support is crucial.

Here is the list of ludomania symptoms recognized by specialists:

How Bookmakers Fight Against Ludomania?

The bookmakers, including 1xBet, offer some means to avoid addiction:

  1. Information sections about responsible gambling.
  2. Options in an account, like setting the limit to money top-ups per day.
  3. Links to the ludomania websites.
  4. Restriction to underage players.  

How to Prevent Gambling Addiction?  

It is almost impossible to deal with compulsion independently. It is better to do everything in advance so that gambling addiction does not become your diagnosis. 

To retain responsible game, follow these recommendations:

Having discovered the first signs of dependence, feel free to ask for help from relatives or specialists.

How Do I Understand That I am Addicted?

To help determine whether you or your family member are dependent, check out our questionnaire:

  1. Do you often think about gambling?
  2. Do you often play with large sums?
  3. Do you feel annoyed when the game ends?
  4. Have your recent attempts to control the game time failed?
  5. Have you ever violated the law to get funds to repay debts?
  6. Do you often attempt to win back lost cash? Do you borrow money?
  7. Are you honest with yourself and others about the time spent betting? Do you keep our hobby a secret?
  8. Have your family/work relationships worsened recently?

If you have answered three questions positively, we strongly recommend contacting the specialists for professional help.  

Seeking Help

Here is the list of international establishments that you can contact for a consultation. Note that all these establishments guarantee confidentiality.

Things to Remember